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My name is Austin Potts. I’m a full stack developer as well as the CEO/Founder of Boatelligent, Golf Buddy, Smart Lawn & P.A.M. I’m also the current CTO of Flight Hedge. Aside from attempting to structure successful start up companies, I also offer a Web Development Service. With my services, I hope to improve the growth of your business while providing users the perfect experience online. Please message me for any questions or concerns. 

My Portfolio

(some websites featured are for model use only)

Flight Hedge provides Insurance for Flight Delays using predictive analysis.

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Boatelligent offers the ability to get your boat serviced anywhere while being provided image analysis.

Golf Buddy helps you find a Golf Partner wherever you go. Reducing the hassle of profiles & wasted time.

P.A.M is a Predictive Analytic Mapping algorithm which provides a 3D threat analysis for any GPS route or area.

Smart Lawn is a Lawn Care scheduling app providing Geo Tagged Images, Payment Tracking & more. Offering more control for homeowners. 

Stamperly is an online vendor platform for rubber stamps & crafts.

Providing a navigation & donation platform for First Baptist Church of Safety Harbor. 

A simple PIG game application created using javascript.

Web Services Overview

Websites will be built from scratch or using a pre existing site to improve on. You can provide assets if preferred such as Paragraphs, Images, Logos etc. Depending on what functions you want your site to perform, prices will vary. Weekly updates will be scheduled as well as consulting. I want to help bring potential clients to your business or company through strategic planning.


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Service Scheduling

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Start-Up&MVP Development Overview

The definition of a Start Up company is one that takes a new approach using technology to disrupt that current field of business it is designed in. My passion is building functional start up companies, that improve how the world works. I love working with others & helping build someone’s vision successfully. If you have a Start Up Idea or MVP,  please message me for questions!

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